Monday, February 20, 2012

Total Rip Off

I'm owning it. I'm absolutely stealing this from Though, I guess it's not technically stealing if they ask you to take it. I know I scheduled a post on brown rice syrup for today, but when this popped up in my Google Reader today, I knew that post was going to have to wait. If you haven't looked into the primal or paleo diets, head over to Mark's Daily Apple and check it out. I've learned an immense amount from that blog alone, but there is an entire community out there built around the primal lifestyle. It's a very devoted yet supportive group of health minded people. Sometimes I'm not in sync with all they have to say, but I really appreciate how health subjects are approached from a perspective of understanding the science rather than knee jerk reaction.

One important not here. If you think primal is just a play on Atkins, PLEASE take a closer look. There is a great deal of focus on animal protein in the diet but when you really examine the primal food list, it really is more about eating plants than animals. Animals are certainly part of it, but not the focus.
So, without further ado, here's the kickbutt infograph from the

More Health and Fitness News & Tips at Greatist.

I might just print this baby out and put it on my fridge.

Take care!


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