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First thing's first: I am keeping my promise and pledge that this blog will NOT become an Arbonne site where I am constantly schlepping product to you. That said, Arbonne is a big part of how I care for myself, so it is going to show up on my posts from time to time. Probably never more so than today. The following post is about the new products and changes coming to Arbonne now or very soon. If you could care less, my apologies and please come back tomorrow. If you are a bit curious about vegan, gluten-free skin care, supplements and/or cosmetics, keep trucking on through to the end of the post. 

Still with me? Let's get started then.

Arbonne GTC 2012 Stage in Las Vegas
There was so much introduced at Arbonne's Global Training Conference (GTC) last week, it nearly made my head spin. I can't promise that this is an all inclusive list, but I'll at least hit the highlights. First, the conference itself was a bit overwhelming. I truly enjoyed it and I met some fantastic people. It was also quite the production. Confetti flying. Ever changing background lighting. Video productions. At one point, I wasn't sure if I was attending a product training event or participating in a religious experience. Arbonne showed they know how to make the most out of a captured customer base. But, for all the hype, there was quite a bit of substance. The CEO, Kay Napier, really impresses me. She appears to 'get' the original intent of the founder and is making decisions that hold to his ideals. All the product changes and additions fit very nicely into the company mantra 'Pure. Safe. Beneficial.' 

Chocolate Nutrition Bar
Protein Bars

The big addition to Arbonne Essentials is the protein bars. There are two flavors: Fruit and Chocolate. Both have great flavor and, like the protein shakes, are vegan and formulated without gluten*. We've been able to make protein bars using the protein powder, but having a bar already packaged and ready to go is going to be a really nice option.

Energy Fizz Sticks - Citrus
Fizz Sticks

This may be my favorite announcement of the conference. I've been using the Fizz Tabs for several months as an afternoon pick-me-up. Unfortunately, the tabs also take some forward thinking. They are best when dropped in room-temperature water so they can slowly dissolve. Then you add ice. Fortunately, the tabs are being replaced with little sticks of powder that can be readily dropped into a water bottle or glass, stirred or shaken and enjoyed immediately. The individual packaging also make sharing so much easier. 

Herbal Muscle Massage Pain Relieving Gel

Pain Relief Gel

Apparently, this gel is making a return to the catalog after popular demand. I purchased a tube as part of a package of new product. I'm not sure I'll ever use it, but it will be nice to have on hand for just in case. I'll get back to you on specific advantages of the product. Again, there was a great deal to take in and I simply missed all the talk on this one.

RE9 Advanced Extra Moisture Restorative Day Creme Broad Spectrum SPF 20 Sunscreen.
RE9 Extra Moisture Day Lotion

As with the Pain Relief Gel, this is a product I do not need, but the masses requested it. (I have oily skin and have actually just begun using the FC5 Oil Absorbing Day Lotion instead of the RE9.) Now, clients will have two levels of moisturizing to choose from for their day lotion with the RE9 set. 

Treasures of the Rainforest Collection
Rainforest Cosmetic Set

To date, I've only purchased the Arbonne powder foundation. I like it quite a bit and, to be honest, I didn't expect to. I loved my Bare Essentials. I only gave the Arbonne product a try because of my discount. If I hadn't had such a good experience with the foundation, I doubt I would have given this eye shadow collection a shot. The colors make very vivid palette, so I'm waiting for the weekend to wear it. It comes with a lovely bag, not too cheesy like the department store giveaway bags. I think I might actually carry this one. I'll provide an update after I try it.


I'm not often impressed by companies when they make environmental claims. More often than not, it's impossible to know if they are actually buying green power or recycling their trash. Arbonne's commitment, however, is very evident. They have modified their packaging in order to achieve greater than 90% recyclable packaging material. The RE9 set now has a fully plastic bottle. No more acrylic cap that falls off easily and cracks. The cleanser tube is also history, replaced with a pump bottle. The protein shakes and fiber booster now arrive in resealable bags instead of those massive, hard shell tubs that not only filled up my recycle bin, but also my cabinets.

There are more new items to come this summer and I'll cover them then. I'll also be revisiting these items as I learn and gain more experience with them. I'll tweet out a notice of any updates I make.

That's it. Yes, I've drunk the Arbonne kool-aid. I'm completely sold. Their products are top notch and the pricing is amazingly affordable compared to what is found on department store shelves. I have plenty on my plate  without adding Independent Consultant duties to my life, but I truly feel these products are better quality and provide more value than anything else I've found. If you'd like to learn more, please visit my online store

*The 'formulated without gluten' statement is Arbonne's, not mine, in describing their products. I imagine it is a phrase forced on them by their lawyers. Essentially, Arbonne products as created do not contain gluten. However, they are produced in facilities that do contain gluten. Equipment is tested to ensure any cross contamination has been removed before Arbonne product is manufactured on it. In addition, all product is tested to ensure gluten is undetectable after it comes off the line. There are plenty of products out there with 'Gluten-Free' emblazoned across their packaging that contain up to 20ppm gluten. Arbonne simply has chosen to not take that last labeling step. I plan to badger them until they either start avoiding contaminated facilities or commit to a GF certification process. For now, I have their protein shakes daily with no problem. However, those with severe gluten sensitivity may not want to take the risk.  

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