Saturday, February 11, 2012

Saturday Morning Post - 2/11/2012

I've made it halfway through my husband's business trip to Asia. He's due back on the 18th. The first week is always a blur, but as the days drag on, I miss him more and more. I have so much respect for the military spouses who have to do this for months and years on end with the worry they might not come home at all. I am simply in awe of them.

Okay, enough ramblings from the pathetic one. Let's look at what was interesting this week.


Wellness Weekend at Diet, Desserts and Dogs: In case you missed it, the Almond Coconut Protein Fudge I made and blogged about a couple of weeks ago was part of Wellness Weekend this week. I'm so excited! Be sure to head over for a slew of other healthy recipe ideas.

The Problem with Serving Sizes from the Well blog at NYT: This is an old article from back in August, but if you missed it, give it a read. We all know the serving sizes on package goods are a joke, but it's still startling to examine.

Muffin Tin Crayons from Our Best Bites: These are so cute! I'm hoping I have time to make some of these this weekend.


Sink Reflections by Marla Cilley: I mentioned I would be picking this one up on my Nook last week. I did and it is really worth a read. It's a bit hokey and repetitive, but it has some really sound advice on keeping your life organized. I've already started noticing a difference in the house and my stress level after implementing just a few of her tools.

Paleo Pals: Jimmy and the Carrot Rocket Ship by Sarah Fragoso: I'll be ordering this for my youngest who just went GF a couple of weeks ago. I'll be blogging about the experience and how we're doing it fairly soon. She's already watching her food on her own because she feels so rotten when she has gluten. This book looks like a colorful and fun way to get her even more excited about making better food choices.

That's it for this week. I hope you have a fantastic weekend!


*For whatever reason, Blogger didn't post this as scheduled yesterday. Sorry!

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