Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Don't Call It a Come Back

Alright, so it was more than a two day break. Two weeks was quite a bit longer than expected, but it was worth it, don't you think? I LOVE my new format. Thanks so much to Kaylah at Rockaboo designs for such an amazingly simple, yet engaging template. I found her on etsy here. I bought a premade template, but she put a little extra time in to coordinate the colors with my Arbonne shop. I am so happy with the results.

So, you might be asking at this point, what's with the new name? I wanted something a bit shorter than the previous 'Mrs. Pumpernickel Takes Care.' I love the homage to my grandmother, but it was certainly a mouthful. Plus, it didn't really give a potential reader a clue as to what this blog is about. I wanted something that conveyed the idea that being healthy doesn't have to be hard or involve twenty different flours. I remember going online nearly five years ago just after my celiac diagnosis and being completely overwhelmed by all the information, complicated recipes and obscure ingredients. These days, I'm fairly well versed on how to make a GF cake or cookie and what to fix for dinner, but I'm still a working mom with a travelling husband. Just because I have the tools and the know-how doesn't mean I have the time. As a result, the blog goal is two-fold: One, to provide an on-ramp for those looking to enter the world of non-processed, whole foods, but don't want to eat only broccoli the rest of their lives and, two, explore and record methods and food ideas so I can efficiently prepare food that my family will happily eat. Practically Healthy seems to fit the bill for both goals. It's also a phrase I've used for much of my adult life, as in, "This Twinkie has dairy, wheat and protein. It's practically healthy." There's just something very appropriate to me about taking my old-food attitude and turning it on its head.

I'd also like to add here that when I first took my little hiatus, I was the only one in my family with a food issue, namely celiac disease. Just last week, our family was hit with a whopper. I am telling you about it with the permission of my oldest daughter who it impacts. She has been struggling with anxiety for over a year now. She gave up on a sport she loved and was missing out on other life experiences because of it. We tried various approaches with moderate success over the last year. Finally, a few weeks ago we decided to have her see my doctor who ran several blood tests. The test results came back indicating strong food allergies to dairy and all meat except turkey. Plus, she is gluten sensitive. We are having her pediatrician review the test results for a second opinion, but at this point, she has been on her new diet regimen for a week and I'm seeing a difference. It is subtle, but she just seems happier and more relaxed. I'll concede it may be wishful thinking on my part, but it's encouraging nonetheless.

As a result of this new diet requirement, you are going to see quite a few recipes focused on turkey, dairy-free or meat-free. I'll always suggest alternatives. After all, the intent of this blog is to encourage you to explore on your own for answers and ideas that fit your dietary needs, whatever they might be.

That's it for now. I might be a bit hit or miss for the next couple of weeks as I slide back into a blogging-groove, but please stay tuned. I'll be unveiling my first giveaway next week and you won't want to miss it!

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